Bruce Momjian


December 13, 2005
We got a new family kitten.
December 3, 2005
Matthew's team won the Lego robotics Pennsylvania state championship. He will represent the state in the international championship in Atlanta in April.
Christmas Carol
November 25 -
December 31, 2005
All six of us are performing again in A Christmas Carol at Hedgerow Theatre.
November 19, 2005
Matthew took part in a Lego robotics team competition. His team took eleventh place in overall points, and first place in teamwork.
Marbles Tournament
November 19, 2005
Peter tied for first place in a local marbles tournament, and Luke won second place.
Layout Changes
November 11, 2005
I have improved the layout of the web site, and added some menu options.
November 8, 2005
This article is an interview of me about the PostgreSQL 8.1 release.
Job Transfer
September 1, 2005
Software Research Associates (SRA) has transfered me to a new subsidiary devoted to open source, SRA OSS (USA).
Marbles Tournament
June 23, 2005
Luke placed seventeenth in the National Marbles Tournament in Wildwood, New Jersey. (more pictures)
Bookmark Award
April 5, 2005
Luke won the best bookmark award for fourth grade from the Delaware County Library System. The was an awards ceremony at the county courthouse (image, image, image).
Marbles Tournament
April 2, 2005
Luke came in second in the Bethany marbles tournament and is heading to the national marbles championship in June for the third time (image).
Renewed Contract
April 1, 2005
Software Research Associates (SRA) has renewed my employment contract for another year.
Finger Surgery
March 21, 2005
Matthew had surgery to separate his finger from his palm and stitch the new skin onto his finger.
Acorns to Oaks
March 19-20, 2005
Peter performed in Acorns to Oaks at Manoa Presbyterian Church.
Peter Rabbit
March 19 -
May 7, 2005
Matthew and Peter are performing in Peter Rabbit every Saturday at Hedgerow Theatre.
Once Upon A River
March 15-18, 2005
Matthew performed a Pennsylvania history play Once Upon A River for the second year at Hedgerow Theatre.
Finger Surgery
March 8, 2005
Matthew had surgery on his finger to attach it to his palm so the skin can be grafted onto the end of the finger.
Finger Injury
March 1, 2005
Matthew got his finger caught in our front door while he was closing it. He needed two surgeries.
Internet Upgrade
February 9, 2005
I have upgraded my Internet connection so this web site should be much faster. The new speed is five hundred kilobits/second out and five megabits/second in.