Bruce Momjian

Postgres Project-Related Presentations

Upcoming PostgreSQL Features

This talk explores the new features coming in the next PostgreSQL release.  This talk changes for every release.
Duration: 30 minutes, 45 minutes with questions

The Postgres Trajectory

A short presentation that covers the two driving forces behind Postgres's dramatic rise in popularity — its open source development and extendibility. Open source software now dominates the enterprise software stack, and Postgres is no exception. This talk explains how open source is able to produce software of superior features, quality, and performance. The second part of the talk explains how the extendibility built into Postgres from its inception has enabled it to efficiently adapt to today's data needs.
Duration: 20 minutes, 30 minutes with questions

Future Postgres Challenges

Postgres has been a vibrant project for decades, and probably will be popular for decades to come. However, as with any complex endeavor, challenges are always lurking. This talk explores the many project, competitive, and technical challenges in the future that could derail its success. By exploring these challenges, we will be better able to avoid them.
Duration: 30 minutes, 45 minutes with questions

PostgreSQL's Path to the Future

This talk considers the possible future directions for the PostgreSQL software and the project.
Duration: 30 minutes, 45 minutes with questions

PostgreSQL: Past, Present, and Future

This talk is perfect for those new to PostgreSQL or people who just want a general introduction to the project.  It covers its origins in academia, its movement to Internet-based development, why people choose PostgreSQL, its current usage, and future directions.
Duration: 30 minutes, 1 hour with questions

Great Steps in PostgreSQL History

This talk explores the challenges faced by the PostgreSQL community. The challenges often seemed insurmountable, but everything came out well in the end.
Duration: 45 minutes, 1 hour with questions

The PostgreSQL Decade

This talk explores the first ten years of PostgreSQL development, with highlights on the first few months of its formation.
Duration: 45 minutes, 1 hour with questions

Enterprise Postgres Growth in Japan

Japan was the first country with wide-spread enterprise adoption of Postgres. This talk explores why Japan was such an early adopter of Postgres, and how Japanese developers are being encouraged to move Postgres forward.
Duration: 45 minutes, 1 hour with questions

How to Get Your PostgreSQL Patch Accepted

Developing a patch for the Postgres project is a fairly complex process, and success is not guaranteed. This talk will suggest many ways to improve your chances of submitting a successful patch to the PostgreSQL community.
Duration: 45 minutes, one hour with questions

Get To Know PostgreSQL

This talk was written by Oddbjørn Steffensen and is a great overview of PostgreSQL. It gives a good sampling of the database's capabilities and community efforts. It is particularly useful for those considering migrating from other databases to PostgreSQL. This is a technical talk only to the extent it covers database capabilities.
Duration: 45-90 minutes, 1-2 hours with questions

History of PostgreSQL

Writing an Internet Book

PostgreSQL:  Introduction and Concepts -- One Year Later - Article

History of PostgreSQL - Chapter

Postgres Plus

This talk covers how EnterpriseDB's Postgres Plus is designed to be an all-inclusive distribution of community PostgreSQL. Postgres Plus has many of the add-ons users need to use the database effectively.
Duration: 45 minutes, one hour with questions

Behavior of Open-Source Support Companies - Article

Advantages of PostgreSQL and Open Source Software

How Companies Can Effectively Contribute To Open Source Communities - Article