Bruce Momjian

Selecting Presentations

Having looked at this web site, you might be confused about which presentation is best for your group.  This document provides an overview of these presentations.

Each talk has two listed durations.  The first duration is for the talk itself, and the second includes time for an ample question and answer session following the talk.  Often I have found these Q&A sessions to be even more popular than the talk because it covers a variety of topics and answers people's specific questions.

I don't expect any money for my talks, though I like to have my travel and lodging expenses paid. I will get approval for the flight cost and bring a printed receipt from the airline.

All my presentations are PDF files.  I use Adobe Acrobat's full screen mode to display the PDF's.  I can easily supply PDF's suitable for printing, with two slides on each page.  I always bring a laptop to each presentation.  However I also bring the PDF's on a memory stick, and they are available on the Internet, so I have ample backup in case my laptop fails.  I also bring a laser pointer with me to highlight items while I am talking.  With my background as a high school teacher and having given many talks in the past, you can be assured that my presentations are professional.

Here is a portrait to use for brochures.