Bruce Momjian


Internet Upgrade
November 11, 2002
My system is now connected to the Internet via a 128k ISDN modem.
Birthday Party
October 19, 2002
Matthew had his 10th birthday party at the rotorfest.
September 26, 2002
My webcam is now pointing toward the front of my house, showing the front lawn and driveway.
Modem Connection
September 7, 2002
My system is connected to the Internet via a 56k modem until a high speed connection is installed.
Contract Renewed
September 1, 2002
Software Research Associates (SRA) has renewed my employment contract.
Moved Houses
August 6, 2002
We have moved into our new house.
Open House
July 28, 2002
We had an open house at our new home.
House Settlement
June 14, 2002
Settlement on the Newtown Square house.
May 31, 2002
We have returned from a one month vacation that included a cruise from New York City through the Panama Canal to Seattle, a train from there to Los Angeles, and a visit to San Diego.
April 20, 2002
We will be moving to a new house in Newtown Square at the end of June.
Marbles Tournament
April 6, 2002
Luke won the best of team award at a recent marble shooting tournament.