Bruce Momjian

Open Source-Related Presentations

The Democratization of Databases

Duration: 45 minutes, 60 minutes with questions
This presentation covers the history of various governing structures and why democracy provides superior results. It then explains that open source is a form of democracy, compared to the methods used by proprietary software producers. It covers the many benefits Postgres has enjoyed using an open development model, and how its future remains bright.

Will Postgres Live Forever?

Duration: 45 minutes, 60 minutes with questions
This presentation explains how open source software can live for a very long time, and covers the differences between proprietary and open source software life cycles. It also covers the increased adoption of open source, and many of the ways that Postgres is innovating to continue to be relevant.

The Maze of Postgres Options

Duration: 45 minutes, 60 minutes with questions
This presentation explains the many more options available when using Postgres compared to proprietary databases. It covers options for support, extensions, deployment utilities, and monitoring. It explains how you can do everything yourself, but that using vendors can often make you more efficient and save money.

Building Open Source Teams

Duration: variable
This presentation highlights the challenges of motivating and managing an open source team of volunteers. Topics include motivation, communication, and project management. This talk is useful for anyone active in open source.

The Postgres Open Source Development Process

Duration: 45 minutes, 60 minutes with questions
This talk is for people who are unfamiliar with the open source community or need to work directly with the community.  The talk highlights how open source development differs from proprietary development, the pattern of PostgreSQL development, and PostgreSQL developer motivation. Renamed and restructured, June 2014

Drive Your Own Car

Duration: 45 minutes, 1 hour with questions
This talk explores how technology changes in the past have dramatically altered industries that seemed unchangeable. It then shows how the Internet is another of those technology changes that will dramatically alter the software world.

Selling Your Boss On Open Source

Duration: 60 minutes, 75 minutes with questions
This talk is the same as "PostgreSQL Adoption and Trends", except most of the PostgreSQL-specific parts have been removed. It is more general and emphasizes on open source in general.