Bruce Momjian


Digital Camera
December 25, 2000
I bought Christine a digital camera. I have updated the Family section with many new pictures.
My Book
December 1, 2000
My book is printed and is now for sale on-line and in stores.
Web Site Update
November 22, 2000
Added new Writings page.
Web Site Update
November 17, 2000
The Favorites page was getting too large, so I split it into separate pages.
New Job
October 3, 2000
I have accepted a new job with Great Bridge, LLC as Vice President of Database Development. I will be working on PostgreSQL full time.
September 14, 2000
A lightning strike across the street destroyed three modems, two network cards, a multi-port card, a telephone, and a stereo. They are being replaced.
My Book
September 11, 2000
I have made changes suggested by the publisher and sent a new version of the book to them.
Web Site Update
August 2, 2000
I have added an Articles section to the Favorites page.
Web Site Update
July 7, 2000
The web site is now at Improved layout of Favorites page. Background changed. The menu is now alphabetical.
Web Site Update
June 27, 2000
I have added a Documents section to Favorites.
Web Site Update
June 15, 2000
I now have adsl. Internet speeds are about ten times faster, and I am connected continuously. I have re-enabled the webcam.
My Book
May 31, 2000
I have completed the first draft of my book.
Web Site Update
April 19, 2000
Added Kid's Favorites to the favorites section. I continue to update the family pictures.
My Book
April 1, 2000
I took a break from my regular job to focus on finishing my book.
Birthday Party
March 23, 2000
Luke turned five. We had a birthday party with a construction theme.
Web Site Update
February 19, 2000
Added Sayings of Mine section to Favorites page, and fixed book link.  I am always adding photos to the Family section.