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This blog is about my work on the Postgres open source database, and is published on Planet PostgreSQL. PgLife allows monitoring of all Postgres community activity.

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Release notes Postgres 16 Release Notes

Friday, May 19, 2023

I have just completed the first draft of the Postgres 16 release notes. It includes developer community feedback but still needs more xml markup and links.

The release note feature count is 199, which is 7% higher than the average count of the previous five releases. Postgres 16 Beta 1 should be released soon. The final Postgres 16 release is planned for September/October of this year.


Presentation Dissecting Partitioning

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Having delivered my new talk Dissecting Partitioning at PGDay/MED, I have now added this 109-slide presentation to my website. The talk first covers the purpose and limitations of Postgres's declarative partitioning implementation. The bulk of the talk uses SQL queries to show the many optimizations possible with partitioning. It concludes by showing some complicated data architectures made possible by partitioning.

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Presentation Beyond Joins and Indexes

Thursday, January 12, 2023

My presentation Explaining the Postgres Query Optimizer covers the details of query optimization, optimizer statistics, joins, and indexes. I have delivered it 20 times since 2011.

While that talk covers common optimizer issues, in recent years I began to feel it would be helpful to produce a comprehensive talk about the other plans the optimizer can choose. Researching all the details proved to be a challenge, and the result is Beyond Joins and Indexes, which covers the 42 other plans that were not covered in my previous optimizer talk. I delivered this talk at the DC PostgreSQL Users Group on Monday so I have now added the slides to my website.

Update: I incorrectly stated in my two previous live presentations (Los Angeles, Russia) that memoize did not cache negative matches. I have corrected the slides on this point. 2023-04-07

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