Introduction and Concepts

German Translator's Preface

by Frank Wegmann and Bärbel Strothmann

When you write a book about some software, everybody who is involved--including the reader -- knows in advance that the book will already be obsolete when it comes to printing. This is even more true for translations, which often hit the market at a point in time when there is already another version of the software. Normally, this would also hold for the translation of this book, because there was already a new version 7.1, when the original describing PostgreSQL Version 7.0 was published. The current release includes not only new features, but also changes that are interesting for the user (e.g. supporting outer joins).

The original's appendix allows translation in consideration of the latest version of PostgreSQL. The first part of the book explains very clearly all aspects of the database system with the help of consistent examples, and the description holds true for several versions of the software. The second part is more like a reference. It includes the appendices A.5 (Frequently Asked Questions) and D (part of the SQL Reference Manual). As production time-limits permit, these two parts are as current as possible: the FAQ is of June 18th, the reference manual corresponds to Version 7.1. The German version of the FAQ and the translation of the SQL reference in DocBook format go back to the PostgreSQL project for further utilization.

Errata, terminology notes, and further material about this book can be found via the publisher's web address on the translators' web pages. We encourage comments and critical remarks about the translation. Both will be included at least in those parts of the book that are to be continued with the progress of the PostgreSQL project.

We thank the editor Martin Asback for an uncomplicated and pleasant cooperation with the publisher. Special thanks go to the author of the book, Bruce Momjian, who not only spontaneously and enthusiastically allowed us to use the latest sources for the reference part of the translation, but also was very willing to answer further questions and give helpful hints. Last not least we thank our families, who always have to take back seats when it comes to translation projects like this one.

Zwingenberg and Bensheim
June 2001